How to bring users back to your website using audio podcasts.

Ivan Fytsyk
3 min readDec 11, 2021

First of all, it’ll work only if you have something to tell your website visitors. But if you are a website owner probably you are the best person who can do it.

My name is Ivan, I’m a co-founder of —a built-in widget that allows creating interactive audio podcasts on your website.

The main idea is to keep visitors on the website, talking with them, sharing some content, and promoting goods and services. The podcasts are just a new communication channel with your users.

Another feature of podcasts is the ability to subscribe to upcoming events and get back to your website when it starts. That’s a new way to remind about your website.

How it works:

Let’s say you decided to try SupCast. You can do it right now completely for free. After registration, you will receive your unique API KEY. Using this key you integrate a widget on your website using a simple snippet of code before your closing </body> tag:

<script src=""></script>
<script>initializeSupcast("API-KEY", "", "light");</script>

Replace with your website URL. It is used for visitors' calendar reminders to bring them back to your website.

Once you’ve done it you’ll see a grey button on the bottom right corner. This is a podcast widget in a collapsed state.

Click on the button will open the podcast window.

Login using the settings button on the top you’ll go to the main screen.

And now you can create your first podcast. Write a podcast topic, select the date and time you plan to start it and that’s it!

The podcast is ready to start. Your website visitors will see that something interesting is happening soon and can subscribe to this event.

Users can select the calendar they want to put a reminder on.

The podcast itself allows interaction between the speaker and listeners. Any listener can ask to talk and the host can grant speaking rights to him. Interactivity brings a feeling of real conversation.

Our product is designed for ed-tech websites but anyone can try it with their products. Maybe you’ll find it useful for your business.

Also, if you see some features are missed in SupCast, feel free to tell us about them and we’ll try to add them to our product in the shortest terms.

Thank you for reading. Any feedback is highly appreciated.